南京55㎡有味公寓 温馨不过时的小居所


This case was originally a single apartment, and the owner’s professional doctor hoped to meet the daily life of a family of three through transformation when finding us, and get a warm, comfortable, natural and outmoded small residence belonging to the family.

overview ©EMMA


On-site production of entrance shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet and desk cabinet. Small bricks on the kitchen wall make the cabinet area show more space through brick joints.

the entrance ©EMMA

the kitchen ©EMMA


The original top surface is guaranteed to be 60 cm high, and the advantage of high-rise building is not wasted, so the arc line is used to go through natural transition, which blurs the visual boundary of people and thus blurs the estimation of height. The edge of the ceiling is also guaranteed to pick out the hidden light strip with a thickness of 3 cm, which is the main light source of the dining room. The thin edge further weakens the heavy feeling of the ceiling. Two groups of doors symmetrical to the top, the slender frame and the thin edge of the ceiling edge extend mutually and diverge inside the space.

the living room ©EMMA

sofa and dining table ©EMMA


There are dozens of handmade works from a treasure, and there is no lack of interest in simple modeling, which makes the space more casual. Matte light-colored floor tiles on the ground, and the top surface of the wall should be as uniform as possible.

details ©EMMA


On-site production of ultra-long desk, internal steel structure, make the table lighter, and install black hole board between hanging cabinet and desk, which increases functions and enriches levels. The top of the desk uses the ceiling height to hide the projection curtain, and you can have movie time at home on weekends.

layout along the wall ©EMMA

the projection curtain ©EMMA

details ©EMMA


The door made on site and the openable “Liangzi” hope to add some natural light, and at the same time, open it can also ventilate the dining room. And the material makes them related. The sunlight shines through the mottled light and shadow scattered by venetian blinds, which sets off the natural mechanism of cement paint.

view of the bedroom from the living space ©EMMA


The top surface of the master bedroom has the same height in order to ensure it. In order to solve this problem, the arc of the living room is extended, and a lamp strip is hidden in the inner opening of the arc as the main lighting of the master bedroom. The small white brick on the bedside echoes the small brick in the kitchen, and it also brings different feelings to distinguish the space with white caulking.

the master bedroom ©EMMA


The frosted changhong glass from the master bedroom to the housekeeping room only allows light to pass through, keeping privacy. The height of the platform is extended to be used as a bedside table, and the bedside wardrobe keeps the use height, which can’t fall to the ground until it reaches the top, so as to avoid the oppressive feeling caused by the height. The bottom is embedded with a light belt, and the soft indirect light source has a very strong atmosphere at night.

the frosted changhong glass between the master bedroom and the housekeeping room ©EMMA


There are natural traces of manually scraping cement paint on the wall. Children’s room still continues the warm texture of cement paint. Bedside partition can put some bedtime reading materials and dolls that children like. Reserve space by the window of the bed to give children their own play space.

children’s room ©EMMA

reserving space by the window ©EMMA


The bathroom is made of white strip bricks with strong sense of order and black caulking, which makes people wake up instantly, wash away the fatigue of the day, clean and orderly. Light filled the space through glass bricks. The dark guard increases lighting by glass bricks separated from the dining room, and also makes the dining room lights shine the glass bricks sparkling.

the bathroom ©EMMA


The matching of slender legs dining chair and metal dining table legs is commensurate with classic outdated glass bricks. The material characteristics of glass bricks are warm and transparent, which naturally become a decorative background painting of restaurants. Simple black and white bricks with wooden warmth make the kitchen space blend into the overall soft atmosphere of the living room.

details ©EMMA

主要材料:天然大理石 玻璃砖 现场漆面柜门 水泥漆
项目设计 & 完成年份:2021年
建筑面积 55平方米

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