Zaha Hadid Architects and Chicago-based ArchAgenda launch METROTOPIA, a unique metaverse venture dedicated to becoming the virtual communication hub for the global design community.

▼METROTOPIA鸟瞰图,aerial view of METROTOPIA

Metrotopia Metaverse以虚拟威尼斯建筑双年展《知识转移》宣告启动,展示了世界领先的建筑工作室的当前作品,这些工作室包括OMA、Morphosis、Coop Himmelb(l)au、UnStudio、MAD、Sou Fujimoto、Archi-Union、LAVA、CAP、EcoLogic Studio和ZHA。

The Metrotopia Metaverse launched with a virtual Venice Architecture Biennale exhibition entitled ‘Knowledge Transfer’ displaying current works from some of the world ’s leading architecture studios including OMA, Morphosis, Coop Himmelb(l)au, UnStudio, MAD, Sou Fujimoto, Archi-Union, LAVA, CAP, EcoLogic Studio and ZHA.

▼METROTOPIA主体建筑,main building of METROTOPIA


▼NFTism 展馆,NFTism Gallery

该展览回应了由Lesley Lokko为第18届威尼斯建筑双年展提出的大主题“未来的实验室”(The Laboratory of the Future)。METROTOPIA是建筑双年展同期活动的一部分,其中包括CityX,一个位于威尼斯云端的虚拟展馆群,旨在展示全球建筑学教师的研究工作,以及由纽约理工学院主办的、位于芝诺比奥宫的实体展览(展示建筑学院学生作品)。METROTOPIA还将参加今年晚些时候举办的芝加哥建筑双年展。

The exhibition responds to the overarching theme of the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale put forward by Lesley Lokko, “The Laboratory of the Future”. Metrotopia is a segment of the Architecture Biennale collateral event that includes CityX, a swarm of virtual pavilions hovering above Venice showing the research work of architecture teachers from around the world, as well as a physical exhibition at Palazzo Ca Zenobio hosted by the New York Institute of Technology and presenting student works from many schools of architecture. Metrotopia will also contribute to the Chicago Architecture Biennial later this year.

▼Minimaforms 作品 – Nodeul Island,Nodeul Island by Minimaforms

▼OMA作品 – 未来医院,The Hospital of the future by OMA

▼Ali Rahim作品 – 礼嘉智慧公园创新中心西区,Lijia Smart Park Innovation Center West District by Ali Rahim

▼UNstudio 作品 – FOUR Frankfurt,FOUR Frankfurt by UNstudio

ZHA负责人Patrik Schumacher解释说:“我们邀请了头部公司在Metrotopia内展示他们最具未来导向的作品。一些人注意到,最近的双年展已经偏离了呈现我们这个时代的主要建筑设计这个宗旨。因此,我们的想法是用最先进的表现形式,强调建筑对城市发展的实际贡献。”

ZHA principal Patrik Schumacher explains: “We have invited leading firms to feature their most future-oriented work inside Metrotopia. Some of us noted that recent Biennales diverged from presenting the major architectural designs of our time. Our idea therefore is to foreground architecture’s actual contribution to urban development, in its most advanced incarnations.”

▼上海创盟国际作品 – “瑞雪” 展馆,Ruixue Multi-hall by Archiunion

▼Coop Himmelblau作品 – 深圳市当代艺术与城市规划馆,Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE) by Coop Himmelblau

Metrotopia Metaverse是使用虚幻5引擎构建的多人虚拟环境,在栩栩如生的环境中呈现逼真社交活动的空间音效,并允许设计物件与空间的特质被忠实地可视化。Metrotopia的技术合作伙伴与实现平台是Mytaverse。

Metrotopia Metaverse is multi-player virtual environment built with Unreal Engine 5, featuring spatial sound for realistic communicative interaction within a lifelike setting that allows the character and quality of designed objects and spaces to be faithfully visualized. Metrotopia’s technology partner and hosting platform is Mytaverse.

▼LAVA 作品 – Mexico Monde d’eau Hotel Resort,Mexico Monde d’eau Hotel Resort by LAVA

▼MAD作品 – 云洞图书馆,The Cloudscape by MAD


Aspiring to become a virtual city and creative culture-industry hub for the wider design ecosystem, Metrotopia brings together all design disciplines including urban design, architecture, interiors, furniture design, product design, fashion design, graphic design, plus related schools, galleries, museums, exhibitions, Design weeks, Biennales, awards and conferences, as well as related publishing houses, magazines and web-media.

▼南加州建筑学院作品, Projects from SCI-Arc Faculty


Metrotopia’s first incubator building and an initial urban core has been designed by ZHA with intervisible spaces now available. More architects and interior designers will soon come together to create a diverse, multi-authored cityscape delivering the kind of co-location synergies we cherish in the most vibrant city districts.

▼藤本壮介作品 – 深圳前海新城市中心地标塔,Landmark Tower by SouFujimoto

▼ZHA作品 – 丽泽SOHO,Leeza soho by ZHA


Schumacher elaborates, “While we are transferring the technology developed by the gaming industry, Metrotopia leaves all associations with video-gaming behind. Our audience are creative professionals looking to expand their cultural communication, global reach and ways of displaying, networking and collaborating.

▼丽泽SOHO与新城市中心地标塔,Leeza soho and Landscape Tower

“虽然早期的使用者是那些在生态系统中通过nft或元宇宙试验Web 3.0的人,但毫无疑问,元宇宙作为一种能够实现空间化的浏览导航、实时多用户交互和人群体验的沉浸式网络,很快就会普及到每个人。一旦使用者超过一定的门槛,不可抗拒的网络效应就会释放出来。Metrotopia已经准备好迎接这一时刻。”

“While early adopters have been those in the ecosystem who are pioneering Web 3.0 via NFTs, or via metaverse designs, there can be no doubt that the metaverse as an immersive web that enables spatial browsing navigation, real-time multi-user interaction and crowd experiences will take off with everybody onboarding soon enough. Once adoption crosses a certain threshold irresistible network effects will be unleashed. Metrotopia stands ready to anticipate and embrace this moment.”

▼平台使用截图,Platform Screenshots

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